This is a custom killer wiki for Dead By Daylight but you can just create your own killer for a movie of something if you like.

Please don’t put in very disturbing content.

You may put in killers from horror movies if you like but you still have to work hard.

Each Killer will have:

Killer Name

Real Name for Killer

Nickname (Like Trapper has the nickname Chuckles)

Main Weapon


Chapter Name

Speed ( 102%-120%

Height (Average or Tall)


Special Ability

3+ Unique Perks

3+ Unique Add-Ons

Memento Mori (Animate or Describe

Survivor (Draw or Describe)

Appearance (Draw or Describe)

Credits (For whoever helped you make it)

Or anything else you can think of!

Here is a list of some of the availible killers.

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